My Health Journey

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Here is my more personal and in depth story…

Going “wheat free” was not a self prescribed decision for me. “Gluten-free” in practice was introduced to me by my acupuncturist when he told me to try NOT eating gluten for the health issues I was facing at the time.

“Just try it and see how you feel,” he said. And darn it -

I. felt. amazing!

The day I woke up without brain fog.
The day I woke up without brain fog.

In just two weeks I felt a difference. It was really sad, you know, at the time, facing the fact of having to let go of the majority of what and how I ate.


The magnitude of difference I felt over time, which has continued for seven years now, reignited a childhood quality that had long since escaped me. I found myself asking, ‘why?’ and ‘how is this possible?’

Being as I am, insatiably curious, and precise at that, I began to question “how was it” that I felt so great from omitting one element in my diet?

And, I can honestly say, what I found to be the answer is how wheat and gluten have been affecting me my entire life. And this wasn’t good news but it was impeccable timing because I needed to get well as quick as possible. A mother of two boys at the time (now three) I knew I needed to be well and at my best.

So many answers I came to learn, and understand, about my self and my body through this time. At one point, I decided to go all the way. I gave up dairy, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, processed foods and some other items as well for just about a year. Most of which I eat now sparingly without any issues. However, when I first found out I could feel better by elimination, I delved really deep, (and then deeper) into the context of the body to understand how foods and lifestyle impact the day-to-day and long-term implications of one’s health.

This is where my journey really began - of learning and experimenting with elimination dieting, rehabilitating the gut, the balance of microflora in the body, and optimal health practices (fasting, cleanses, intuitive eating, personalized supplements and varying health practitioners). In my quest for optimal health I also acquired so much additional information about disease, allergies, healing the human body/spirit/emotions/mind that optimal health and lifestyle became my passion; integrating all the facets of oneself in consideration of your whole body and all that you are. My health journey, this path, chose me and I continue to choose conscious-health everyday. It’s what healed me and it began with food; gluten-free to be exact.

To this day I continue to reach for new information on improving one’s life through dietary, lifestyle and conscious growth and I don’t believe that will ever change for me. I’m incredibly inspired by my own results and that of which I have witnessed in others. The changes I’ve seen and experienced in my own health surmount to unbelievable, but the truth is all of life is quite miraculous.

At Michi’s Munchies, I truly aspire to create delicious treats that nourish the soul, serve the healing and health journeys of others, and offer inspiration, resources and products that support miraculous change in others' lives.

My hope is Michi’s Munchies becomes a foundation from which each of us can grow, redeem and expand upon our best selves in practice.

To Friends through Food and Healing through Healthier Lifestyles,

Yours Truly,


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