Life is about  baking Memories

                                  with those you love.

Cherished Chuckles Mix

This cookie blend will have your kids begging to bake with you. Sharing that 'magical moment' of family fun and laughter through baking is packed and sealed in this bag just for you and yours. Creative freedom included. Recipes below with more to come.

Make & Bake: 

  • chewy chocolate chip

  • double chocolate chip 

  • butter pecan

  • white chocolate macadamia

  • matcha green tea


One blend, Many options

Meet U In the Morning Mix

A most versatile mix, this blend will have your friends and family asking to "Meet you in the morning?" Each recipe is made to mimic the taste, texture, and sweetness of the standard American classics. Recipes below with more to come.

Make & Bake: 

  • lemon poppyseed loaf or muffins

  • blueberry loaf or muffins

  • cinnamon swirl loaf or muffins

  • chocolate chip loaf or muffins

  • buttermilk pound

Let us Eat CAKE! Mixes

Each of these blends was created specifically for the type of cake being made. With that in mind these mixes really do take the cake - in the best possible way.

Make & Bake: 

Specialty Mixes

Over the years I continued to receive multiple requests for the same specific baked items. From those requests birthed these perfected specialty blends.

Make & Bake: 


The seven mixes above are available in Michi's Munchies Market. More mixes and recipes are always in the works.

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