dry mixes

Cherished Chuckles Mix

This cookie blend will have your kids begging to bake with you again. Sharing that 'magical moment' of family fun and laughter through baking is packed and sealed in this bag just for you and yours.

Make & Bake: 

  • mock mrs. fields chocolate chip

  • traditional chocolate chip

  • chewy chocolate chip

  • chocolate chocolate chip 

  • butter pecan

  • white chocolate macadamia

  • matcha green tea

  • cowboy (chch., coconut, walnut)

  • southern cowboy (chch., coconut, pecan)

Meet you In the Morning Mix

Meet U in the Morning - ... will have your friends and family asking to "Meet you in the morning?" This flour and the recipes are made to mimic the texture, taste, and sweetness of the standard American classics.

Make & Bake: 

  • lemon poppyseed loaf or muffins

  • blueberry loaf or muffins

  • cinnamon swirl loaf or muffins

  • chocolate chip loaf or muffins

Deeply Delicious Mix

 ... is the chocolate lover's dream and ... vegan!... Oxymoron?... Nope :) Ladies, this blend is sure to answer to your deepest desires for chocolate, decadence and deliciousness. Yeeesss!

Make & Bake: 

  • double chocolate loaf or muffins (v) 

  • chocolate peanut swirl loaf or muffins (v)

  • mochachoca loaf or muffins (v)


Mom's Mix

= Mom's On a Mission Mix =

This blend is primarily oat flour for increased fiber.  If you're that MoM on a Mission to feed yourself and your kids healthy - then, this blend is for you. The recipes are also dairy free and sweetened with honey. Score!

Make & Bake: 

  • blueberry muffin

  • almond coconut muffin

  • apricot orange muffin

Mixes are $10 each

recipe card can be emailed or sent with your package.