About Me

 My mission is to create no-wheat treats (and products) 

  that are enjoyed as much in taste and texture as those 

   with wheat and to allow homes with wheat-free

  members to gather around the same table,   enjoying the same meal with everyone together.

Life is what you bake of it!

          Hi... I’m Michi. It’s a childhood name. Pronounced Me-CHee. Now that that's settled - we're friends ;) lol!

Baking gluten-free is actually a funny story,.. or love story - whichever you like better. You see I was more of a salty and savory kind of woman but I married an A-typical sweet tooth man. During the first part of our marriage I had to learn how to bake from the beginning and the basics, baking everything standard, a.k.a. with wheat.

Fast forward 5 years, unexpectedly, I became ill after my second child. And at that time all of us were enjoying baked sweet treats weekly (... or nightly). Anyway, in a short time, I learned that wheat was contributing to my illness, amongst other things (you can read more about my health journey here), and that I had to let go of my standardized diet - pasta, bread, cereals, pizza, and baked goods. #wheatandgluten


Yikes! Cue despair and devastation... (spoiler- it turned out okay #prettygreat ;)

By simply omitting wheat and gluten from my diet I got better, a lot better actually, but the trouble was I was the only one in our 4 person household that needed, or "preferred," to eat gluten-free.

Now, my husband has a particular, high standard of his sweet-treat indulgences and I enjoy a good challenge, as well as, had grown to love baking and baked goods through our marriage. Unfortunately, what was "gluten-free" on the market was abysmal - which is a compliment - and it was not palatable - again, a compliment.

So I began to create my own recipes and then my own blends in attempt to maintain a longstanding tradition in the Drury Household ... desserts #bakeddesserts! Cookies and brownies mostly, but along the way I had to create cakes of all kinds, treats for anytime and all occasions, because being left out really sucks - whether it was me who couldn't eat wheat or others who rightfully detest gluten-free products. Right there I had my sight set on the challenge and my heart set on success. 


Honestly, creating and treating others with delicious gluten-free baked goods became a passion for me as I began to see everyone enjoying them; even those without the need or preference for GF.

The result of finding my passion birthed the impulse and desire to create Michi’s Munchies. Michi's Munchies is an option for those who are going wheat-free, are forever wheat-free, prefer a wheat-free diet or would like to include wheat-free folk in their festivities.


Thank you for being here, entrusting me to help everyone feel included at the table.


Want to let me know what's on your mind?

Have a question? Send me a quick email at munchiesjustforus@gmail.com and I will certainly respond ;) Another intention of Michi's Munchies is to be a source of connection on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.


You're not alone on your journey to health and happiness :)



To friendships made through food,