About Me

I’m Michi. It’s a childhood name. Pronounced Meechee, hence the birth of Michi’s Munchies. The end. Just kidding :p


The wheat free idea arrived when my acupuncturist told me to try NOT eating gluten. “Just try it and see how you feel,” he said. And darn it!! I felt amazing. In just two weeks I felt a difference. It was really sad, you know, at the time. But…


Being as I am, (insatiably curious) the magnitude of the difference I felt over time (which has continued for three years now) reignited a childhood quality that had long since escaped me… I found myself asking, ‘why?’ And, ‘how is this possible?’... that I could feel so great from eliminating one food choice?... How has it been affecting me my entire life??


So many answers I came to learn and understand, but at that point I decided to go all the way. I gave up dairy, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, processed foods… and some other items as well for a year. Most of which I eat now sparingly without any issues. However, when I first found out I could feel better by elimination, I delved deep, (and then deeper) into the context of the body to understand how foods and lifestyle impact the day to day and long-term implications of health.


This is where my journey really began; of learning and experimenting with elimination dieting, rehabilitating the gut, the balance of microflora in the body, optimal health elements, and in that quest acquiring so much additional information about disease, allergies, healing the human body/spirit/emotions/mind. THIS became my passion… and the course – 'path' if you will – began with food.


Still to this day I continue to reach for new information on improving one’s life through dietary and lifestyle habits and I don’t believe that will ever change for me. I’m too inspired by the results; the changes I’ve seen and experienced; and the hope these changes bring for new personal foundations to grow, redeem and expand upon.

The result of finding my passion birthed the impulse and desire to create Michi’s Munchies. An option for those who are going wheat free – or are forever wheat free -to enjoy a treat now and then. And I am more than happy to be the helpful hand in bringing your happy place to you through home baked, fresh and delicious (promise) goodness.


Want to let me know what's on your mind? Have a question? Send me a quick email or message through the site. I will certainly respond ;) Another big part of Michi's Munchies is to be a source of connection for other local (and distant), wheat free peeps.


You're not alone on your journey to health and happiness :)

                                                                                                                                                             To lasting friendships made through food,